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Make your holiday event stand out by renting one of these Hollywood quality animatronics. Choose from over a dozen customizable, programmable “friends” that can even interact with each other.


  • Leader of the family band
  • Performs mini concerts
  • Jokes and entertains
  • Comes with amplified speakers


  • Frosty’s wife can sing as well
  • With Frosty, make great duo for songs
  • Fully programmable
  • Arms move and mouth articulates


  • Choose any or all
  • They sing background vocals for Frosty and Crystal
  • Articulating mouth and eyes
  • Heads pop up out of boxes while singing, hidden in box otherwise


  • 39″ tall, gnomes are ideal advertising vehicle
  • Bendable hands allow signs to be held
  • Bulletproof mechanism enables up to 12 hours a day of continual use


  • Ho Ho Ho. Santa reads from the “list”, sings songs, and tells stories
  • So realistic, many kids think he’s the real thing
  • Choose voice, messages, songs
  • Have fun with the “list”


  • Most popular animatronic
  • Articulating head, neck, eyes, ears and mouth!
  • Popular with “The Terminator” voice
  • Fully programmable


  • New for 2021!
  • 10′ bear pops out of box to entertain kids o fall ages
  • Good for birthdays, Valentines Day, holidays


  • They don’t get cuter than Teddy
  • 3′ bear pops out of Santa’s sack to tell stories, give corporate messages, and sing
  • Popular in Lisa Simpson’s voice


  • Sam from “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Elf” is real!
  • Program him to sing, narrate or tell jokes
  • Mounted to steel frame for easy transport


  • The never-out-of-fashion classic snowman
  • Sensor plate or FOB let you control his actions
  • Fully programmable
  • Choose your character voice and messages


  • Ella is 10’ tall on a 2” base for a total height of 12’. It features animated mouth and eye lid movements, as well as controlled backlit eyes.
  • Animated tree topper tilt and the entire tree rotates on its base.
  • Eyelids open to reveal blinking illuminated eyes

10′ Ole Willy

  • This wise old soul has a tale to tell. Have a seat and let the old Larch spin a tale for you.
  •  A booming voice full of wisdom delivers stories for all comers. His articulated mouth and eyes will keep you captivated! 

Antimated Mailbox

  • Eyes are hidden behind sliding panels that open and close like eyelids to reveal backlit eyes that are controlled to also “blink” on/off synchronous to dialogue.
  • Mouth is hidden sliding panel synchronous to dialogue.
  • A PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor)  detects when kids approach

94″ Horace

  • Fully Customizable: size, color, gesture, voice and dialogue!
  • Pictured at 94″ Height. Bird or other addition can be included in customization
  • Perfect for Zoos, Children’s Museums, Amusement Parks and More!
  • Bring it all to life! With motion activated moving limbs and eyes!

16′ Snowblower Frosty

  • Almost 2 stories tall!
  • Fully programmable: choose your voice, jokes, messages and songs
  • Commercial grade snow blower and maker built in for blizzard level conditions
  • Requires forklift or scissor lift to transport