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Welcome to the largest one stop shop for your holiday light decorating needs in Phoenix. From simple gifts and décor, to outdoor LightShows to Hollywood-quality animatronics, make the best memories with our unique Commercial-quality products.

About Us

Formed in 2020, Magic Holidays was created to help people make every holiday a memory. As everyday celebrates something, Magic Holidays helps you celebrate life. We feature custom commercial grade lighting and décor for both small businesses and the home. Our team of engineers, designers and installers are available if you want us to do the work for you.

Since 2020


From simple and elegant to advanced designs, we provide light solutions for every budget.

From $99

Décor LightShows

Personalize your backyard or patio

Sound & LightSHOWS

Add something special to your restaurant, business or backyard

Professional Lightshows

Up the ante with our pre-programmed computerized synchronized LightShows. 


Set the mood for any holiday, event or time.

We offer the largest selection of LightShows in the world.

Let us help you set the mood for your home or place of business with decorative and entertaining LightShows. 

We can custom design a video or story for you, for any holiday or occasion for your family and neighborhood to enjoy. From $100 and up, we will have a solution to meet your budget. All feature commercial weather rated designs.

Just add Sound

From simple and elegant to advanced designs, we provide audio solutions for every budget.

Décor LightShows

Personalize your backyard or patio

Orbs Spritzers Radiant blasts

For a grand statement, view our line of led accent lights.


Bright lights are a tradition. We carry all sizes and colors. Check out our vast selection.


Everything you need to bring all your lighting together.

Electrical Forest

View our line of dazzling electric trees that will light up the night.

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